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Industry Challenges

1. Dependence on the tight labour manpower situation, especially in Singapore

  • Quality of inspectors can be inconsistent and cost of labour expected to remain escalated.
  • Productivity gains of front line workers remains crucial for long term viability of projects.

2. Ensuring consistency of quality of Precast/PreFab production lines

  • With shift to more advanced production processes such as Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA), the needs for automated tools for quality assurance and quality control process increases.
  • Any form of quality issues or rework are unforeseen additional costs to the operations which needs to be minimized or removed.

3. Remote access for collaboration between Production team & Resident Engineers/Resident Technical Officers

  • With Covid restrictions, the cost of travelling between sites increases significantly.
  • Data collected at sites continue to be mainly paper based with cumbersome access.
  • Need for better transparency and communication among the various stakeholders & to work remotely.

VooX Solutions

Voox Solutions


1. Improved business processes

  • Eliminate delays in production cycle due to the limitations of current tools.
  • Improve & streamline QA/QC processes to reduce the dependency on human intervention.

2. What you see is what you get

  • Enhance the accuracy and the speed by which the experts are able to guide the front line teams in solving the defects and issues identified.
  • With improved workflow and less time needed to identify and solve defects, projected >20% decrease in turn-around time between inspections and rectification.

3. Consistent quality assurance

  • Automatically pick up an increasing array of systemic potential issues to speed up the detection time needed & the quality of the defects identified.
  • Projected >50% Increase in quality assurance competency across the various production lines.

4. Reduced travel expenses and time spent on travelling

  • 20-30% reduction in travels for inspections by the Resident Technical Officers and Resident Engineers.

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