VooX - The Future of Work, Now.

The Future of Work,

Collaborative 3D smart inspections.

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VooX app screen

Unleashing the potential of data for the built world

Voox empowers teams to collaborate and make proactive, data-led decisions so that projects are compliant, on budget, and on time.

3D workspace,
made collaborative

VooX is a one-stop platform for storing and visualizing
captured 3D data, analyzing and tracking issues, and ensuring
your workers act on them.

VooX 3D Capture

Industry Solutions

VooX 3D Analyze
  • Storage, processing & visualization of point cloud files
  • Bespoke AI algorithms to automate quality checks
  • Assigning and tracking of Issues
  • Raise safety and quality standards through Inspections
  • Reporting and Dashboards

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